What We Do

What We Do


What do I offer?

The travel industry has changed. Due to the vast amount of travel information out there (i.e., trip advisor, expedida, orbitz etc), finding the right information or travel recommendations you can trust can get down right confusing and the quality control is limited or non-existent.

I sift through all the mountains of travel information with an experienced eye to give you direct links to and recommendations regarding, destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and activities that have been vetted by myself, so you always know what you are getting.

How am I different from a travel agent?
  • You have the flexibility to choose places that fit your itinerary, your adventure level, and your value level. I do not I get a percentage of the booking, like a traditional travel agent might.
  • I do all the research. You do not have to  spend hours, days and even weeks, on travel websites planning trips.  I  consult with my clients, I research all their options, then I recommend places that I have personally vetted.
  • I find places, adventures and opportunities that are unique. Places where a seasoned traveler love, and tourist are few.
  • Customer service it key. It is my goal to find you the best accommodations with the best service at the best value.
  • I am always updating and educating myself on the new and unique adventures or location for my clients, so they have a quality experience.

How does my Concierge Service work?

I offer two types of services: 1) Hourly Concierge Services; and 2) All Inclusive Concierge Services.

1). Hourly Concierge Services: For the “travel savvy” I work on an hourly basis. I charge $75 an hour. You provide me with a list of your travel interests, including where, when, and what specific trip preferences you desire, and I provide you with an estimate of the cost for me to do your travel research. Once in agreement on scope and budget, I will research your travel objectives and provide you with a list of well researched and vetted travel options that meet your personal travel needs. An example for one hour of service might include a list of links and personal recommendations to exceptional hotels and adventures in a given destination. I am always happy to go hour by hour to suit your needs.

2). All Inclusive Concierge Services: If you don’t have the time to plan a trip, I can also provide my all-inclusive package. This is not an hourly rate, but a set fee of $950* which includes everything involved in putting together a detailed and customized travel plan, with accommodation and activity reservations.

Click on the “travel profile” section to determine your personal approach to travel, then complete the questionnaire under “How we do it” so we can provide travel advice that is well suited to your travel style and sense of adventure.

*airfare booking at an extra fee